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rubher balls

it's rubber, she?

Cptn Bob
8 May 1983
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THIS IS NOT ME.... I'VE HAD QUESTIONS IN THE LAST BIT..... NO, I'M INNOCENT I'S TELLS YA.... fuck, they got me..... but yep, got good porn in jail... just watch Bubba fuck Jimbo in the ass.... and then watch Jimbo's buddy beat the shit out of Bubba... God bless the NRA for making it look like I killed some guy named 'Andre Antonio Soto', RIP my boy... whatever that means..... Hmm... I wonder where Lorain is..... I never plan on going there, but well... maybe I will one of these days just to go 'boo! I'm out of jail, now, give me a gun bitch!' Well, nope... not planing on going back to L'America anytime soon, really... fucking shithole that it is......

LORAIN -- A 28-year-old man was shot and killed early yesterday morning at his South Lorain house, according to police.

Lt. Jim Rohner said police have arrested Joel Urbina, 22, of 707 W. 20th St., as a suspect in the murder of Andre Antonio Soto.

Soto, of 1700 E. 31st St., died from one or more gunshot wounds, according to Lorain County Coroner Paul Matus, who said he ruled the death to be a homicide.

Urbina has been charged with aggravated murder, felonious assault, and tampering with evidence. He is being held without bond at the Lorain County Jail.

So, you don't know what HR3162 is eh?.... it's the "Patr**t Act"... in L'America.... God bless the Nazis who run this great nation!... fucking cunts!

Hello, my name is Joel and I like you, yes, you! You don't know me but I'd be happy to go down on you...... yes, hello, I love you! won't you tell me your name?

Just remember this exquisite prayer to get you through your time of trouble:
"Jesus, where have I gone wrong? I voted for George, I burned 4 abortion clinics, I am polite to white people, I don't say bad words, I support stopping these evil ragheads overseas and everywhere, I give my cousin, sister, and children sweet lovin, and I lock my doors, windows, and front gate so that the little brown boys don't come and steal my watermellon out of my fridge (to teach them a lesson on work ethic and respect). What else do you want me to do in your name? I supported your act to let factories manage their own waste, but that just made my water dirty, my cat die, and my children sick, I lived with a lower wage for you, so that the less fortunate in other countries could share my job and so that my boss could hipe up security in his office. I also obstain from speaking of sexual acts or talking to women of the world. Jesus, please give me more money so that I can move to the suburbs and raise my children right and protect them from the evils and dangers in the world. Lord, please protect us from the United Nations so that they do not spoil our good and honest land, we are honest, hardworking folk and we do our best. Please spare us from their homosexual loving propiganda so that we can love eachother the way we were told by you to love eachother and be free to buy what we want, when we want, and the quality we demand. Please bless Walmart for giving my children the best quality clothes available to this great nation. God, please bless my children so that they can grow up to be as good and stong willed and open minded as myself. Thank you God, you are so much better than Allah!"

7 I want to live in Tuvalu, Vanuatu, or Kiribati!!!
5Live on Peckham Square in London, am from Los Angeles, originally....
4Before Londres was the good ol' town of North Point, Hong Kong
3before that... before that... blah! I'm in love with love and life and whatever else...
2.... do not speak about freedom, if you are not prepared to speak about death!
1 this is my last dance before I die
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